Women’s Law/Lore Circles

‘Hello Aunty, I am still lost for words and integrating what went down on the weekend… I am not the same woman I was last Friday, something deep has been cracked open inside me thanks to the dreaming…thanks to your enormous heart and wisdom…thanks to the genuine love, truth, and healthy aunty and grandmother energy that was present in the group. I want you to know just how much this has transformed my life… that you have sparked something inside me that I will never forget and I am so glad I landed there with all you wise women and followed the call to show up. The way I walk on the land is different now, the way I relate to the land and beings around us… You have a profound gift Aunty and your medicine is exactly what this world needs at this time. With all of the love and gratitude in my heart, thank you thank you thank you x’ – Claire, Brisbane

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