Grandmother Mulara 

An Expression of divine healing energy in an ancient tradition.

Grandmother Mulara is a healer, teacher, musician, counsellor, executive coach, academic and consultant. She was awarded a Juris Doctor in Laws in July 2022.

She has worked internationally including as an NGO delegate to the Women’s United Nations Conference in Beijing and is experienced in leading outdoor expeditions in many parts of Australia and the world including the Himalayas, Alaska and the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

She has researched at PhD level into values, ethics and leadership and has received numerous awards for her work, including an Australian Prime Minister’s Award of Merit.

Her family are from Afghani (outback Australia camel drivers), First Australian and Celtic descent.  Her aboriginal spirit was welcomed back home to Adnyamathanha country in 2012 and her lineage was later traced by the Cultural and Spiritual Elder of the tribe who holds the stories, songs and dances.

Grandmother Mulara was taught by senior law/lore women throughout Australia.  She has extensive connections with First Nations people both before and after her welcome back to Adnyamathanha in South Australia.  She was named ‘Mulara’ by indigenous grandmothers and given their teachings under Grandmother Lore to guide people in her work with them throughout the world.

She has been fearless in her work to free First peoples from those in their own tribe who keep them suppressed. This has taken her to all levels of the justice system. As an example, since March 2020 the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association (ATLA) has been under special administration; police are making investigations; and their companies and Master Trust are under forensic investigation. See the latest here:










Our beloved Adnyamathanha elder Uncle Ken Mackenzie whose testimony gave Adnyamathanha people Native Title is pictured here with Gm Mulara and friends. He is the cultural and spiritual leader of our tribe who holds the stories, songs and dances. He has publicly acknowledged Gm Mulara’s place in the Adnyamathanha family tree. Uncle Ken was not paid for the dances and songs and stories that he did for Native Title (which he was promised) and his royalties were stopped for over 3 years because he acknowledged and supported Gm Mulara in the face of the corruption. It’s time to make this right. He is a sweet man who turns 84 in July 2022. One of the genuine old people and the last of our initiated men.

Although Gm Mulara did not grow up in community she has general knowledge of Adnyamathanha cultural lore told to her by Senior Adnyamathanha peoples. She was given Grandmother Lore to teach by Senior Lore Women throughout Australia, natural lore that does not belong to any one place. She pays respect to all the elders past, present and emerging of Adnyamathanha and of all places on this sacred land of Australia. She is working towards qualification as a lawyer to right injustices suffered by First Nations people. It is a terrible tragedy when our First People turn on each other, inflict lateral violence and internal racism and suppress their own people, influenced by colonisation and greed. We are a caring and sharing people by nature. It is an unfortunate truth that our spiritual leaders and Law/Lore Keepers cannot speak up because they will be targeted ‘by the mob’ just as Gm Mulara has been targeted. We want our people to grow strong and prosperous and to stop hurting each other.


Also known as Sri Devi Mulara, she is a qualified Ignite Your Spirit Therapist who specialises in cleansing energy fields of individuals and groups, and guides people to a deeper connection with Mother Earth.  She was given her spiritual name ‘Sri Devi’ by Shakti Durga, a former Barrister and Spiritual Leader of Shanti Mission in 2011 who helped her to heal intergenerational trauma. Her spiritsoul name is in alignment with her work with the Divine Mother Earth.

What Gm Mulara loves about her work is raising the vibration of people and communities and working with them to heal their songlines.  Our human songlines contain the strengths and weaknesses of our essence, our humanity. Everyone has the essence of the songlines they were born to and with this knowledge people are able to heal their ancestral line whilst healing themselves and their stories.

Grandmother Mulara offers individual healing sessions (in person and by zoom) and hosts Spiritual Mentoring and Healing Meditation Classes.

Get in touch with Gm Mulara:

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  1. Hope u received above message and here’s a wee poem hot if press well a chant WILD UPON THE WIND

    We are the dreamers the luminous weavers calling our circles
    of kin-

    when all’s said and done
    and our circle is one
    will offer
    our hearts up and sing

    Everything has
    its perfect place
    nothing needs
    to go to waste
    If your feeling apathy
    weave a new tapestry
    bless every thread
    with your honest
    good faith

    It’s time to sing ourselves
    home again
    time to remember our truth
    Time to sing out
    from under this pain
    with all that we choose

    Let us sing to the trees and the blossoms
    to the water the fire and the earth

    may your voice
    fly wild upon the wind
    planting new seeds
    of self worth

    Let us sing to the trees and the blossoms
    to the water the fire and the earth

    may your voices fly
    free from withholding
    as you reclaim your
    new sovereign birth

    We are the dreamers the luminous weavers calling our circles
    of kin-

    when all’s said and done and this circle is one
    we will offer
    our hearts up and sing

    I’m sorry
    please will you
    forgive me
    I absolutely do
    Thank you

    I’m sorry
    please will you
    forgive me
    I absolutely
    love you too

    Jenny lynne sessions (c) 07.04.20

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