“Elders Mystery School is a wonderful experience and gathering many people in these times are thirsty for. I love sitting in circle listening and I love dreaming circle. Life feels so much better after dreaming circle. Best way to start the day. Thank you for this offering” – SB, Uki

“I have been receiving weekly healing sessions with Mulara throughout this year and the shifts that I have made during this time have been quite amazing. My own healing practice has improved monumentally and the effects I’m able to bring to my own clients has really improved. I am so grateful to Mulara for helping me to effortlessly move through things I have been working towards letting go of for years. I highly recommend her as an energy practitioner and she is a wonderful mentor and person to have on your support team!” – CK Brisbane

“I owe you so much Aunty – you helped me birth my soul, you enabled me to find my courage and will to trust my heart. And now I follow. Thank you and much love” – CS, Brisbane

“The session I experienced with Mulara was heart opening. I felt so connected, my body, mind and spirit felt realigned. I tapped into new resources within me and weeks later I feel more integrated and am allowing myself to be more in flow. Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom with me. I look forward to playing, learning, sitting some more with you in the future. In Gratitude” – KMcK Brisbane

“You are an amazing healer! I have made a lot of progress in a short space of time and your help, love and support has been critical at such an important time in my life. You really have been there for me and I am forever grateful” – JP, Brisbane

I have know Sri Devi Mulara for a number of years and and highly recommend attending any of her meditation groups, one on one energy healings or any of the workshops that she facilitates. Every time I have sat with Sri Devi Mulara it has had a profound impact on me.  She is a unique spiritual leader who has always brought love, healing and light into every session” – GO, Nundah

“A huge day of sharing & communication, wonderful and peaceful. Great turn out for celebration … what joy you brought to everyone” – JP, Mt Glorious

“I have known Sri Devi for a number of years now and I am greatly impressed by her dedication to her spiritual life and I see how much this has strengthened and shaped her. Her healings and meditations are marked with this and are filled with sincerity, humility, generosity and good humour” – PB, Currumbin

“Have just spent the past few days camping out at Kupidabin Wilderness up at Mt. Samson whilst participating in the Elders Mystery School. This is an annual residential program where you sit with Elders who teach about Indigenous Australian culture, spiritual connection, healing and sacredness – and includes a Dreaming Circle each morning. Am grateful for the time and knowledge shared by the Elders present. Made some amazing new friends who all work from the heart too. Thank you so much for an amazing experience; it was more than I had ever imagined” – DH, Sunshine Coast

“A truly wonderful experience beyond all imagination. I feel transformed and extremely grateful” – CS, Brisbane

“I am so very grateful for the opportunity you presented, and grateful I was able to attend” – GB, Brisbane

“Thanks Aunty Mulara for the wonderful weekend.  I gained so much from it and am still, so far, holding it with me” – JK, Brisbane

“Waking to a fine but blustery day. They say that when the wind blows it brings messages from those who are far away, and as often happens my thoughts turn to our time together on the mountain. I imagine you rising as I do, going about your day, and the many things that take your time. How interesting it is that we all come from different places and backgrounds, and yet our thoughts and feelings are the same. We really are a tribe, united by our thoughts and heart. It was wonderful to see the photographs and very exciting to know you have gained new strength and resilience. The world is turning, the seasons change, but the connection between us remains. Aroha tino nui” – Grandmother Wynn

Dear Aunty Mulara, you are always in my heart and mind as I imagine you walking on country and expressing and practicing your concern for the wellness of all living things. Thank you for the care you give so willingly” – WTK, Brisbane