Proclamation of Sovereignty

PROCLAMATION OF THE RETURN OF THE LEGITIMATE SOVEREIGNS AND RESUMPTION OF SELF-DETERMINATION OVER, AND ADMINISTRATION OF, OUR TRIBAL TERRAINS, PEOPLES AND NATURAL AND OTHER RESOURCES. On this date, 29th July 2022 CE, we, the Legitimate Sovereigns, being the joint and several Original Tribes of the continent known as Terra Australis do hereby proclaim the following:…… Continue reading Proclamation of Sovereignty

Grandmothers Wisdom

An ONLINE COURSE held Sundays: 28 February to 4 April 2021: 8-10am (Qld)9-11am (NSW/Vic); 2-4pm Vancouver/Seattle; 10pm London; 2pm Thailand WHEN THE GRANDMOTHERS SPEAK THE EARTH WILL LISTEN WHEN THE GRANDMOTHERS LEAD THE EARTH WILL HEAL Come on a spiritual walkabout with Grandmother Mulara and absorb the Grandmother Teachings given to her to share with…… Continue reading Grandmothers Wisdom

My Voice. My Truth. My Story. Aunty Mulara

Published during NAIDOC week, July 2019 by Nicole Armit, The Mindfoodie NAIDOC week, July 7-14. Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s work together, for a shared future. Indigenous Australia is a people who are the oldest continuing culture in the world, well over 65,000 thousand years old. In this 6 part series, in celebration of NAIDOC…… Continue reading My Voice. My Truth. My Story. Aunty Mulara