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Are you looking to support a retreat centre that promotes traditional Aboriginal teachings and healing practices?

Our Dreaming Centre will be a residential centre that offers a range of workshops, events, and educational experiences for people from all walks of life to learn about Aboriginal Australia and immerse themselves in traditional teachings. We are now welcoming donations and investors to help us bring this vision to life.

The Centre’s focus is on the spiritual journey of knowledge and healing that the Wuruwathin (Spiritual Lawkeeper) has gifted us. The centre will offer a variety of experiences from individual and group healing sessions, one day workshops, residential 1-7 day retreats, Women’s (Aunties) circles, Men’s (Uncles) circles, youth leadership programs, initiation into Aboriginal law/lore, mentor programs, programs for urban young Aboriginal people to learn their culture, and other services.

Our vision is to offer workshops, events, healing and educational experiences where people can reconnect to the land and each other in a traditional and holistic way, taking into account the mind, body, and spiritual considerations of the person, family, and community. Our specifically skilled Elders in residence, support network that fosters community building, and governance structure ensure that the Centre provides a safe and supportive environment for all participants.

To enhance traditional spiritual and cultural teachings and healing practices, it is essential that the centre has a residence and be sited in native bushland. The land has many special and sacred spaces to explore and brings together the storylines of the people of the area and the food and trading chains that link with other traditional lands.

We intend to build a ‘human library’ installation to showcase the historical and truthful experience of Aboriginal Australia. Visitors to the Centre can do a walkabout through the area designated to host the installation. It will include stories of the massacres recorded by the University of NSW.

There will be a faculty of Teachers and Healers who can offer individual and group healing,
workshops, retreats and various cultural activities and programs. The facilitators bring together
years of experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. They have been
given the knowledge and wisdom from their Elders, admiring their dignity and integrity and the way
they conducted their business. Each of these Elders in residence have specific gifts and are all
spiritually connected to the land. Their Aboriginal spirituality spans 85,000 + years of cultural
practices and, with their upbringing over the past 60+ years, they are now coming together in unity
to impart and share their wealth of knowledge to all who wish to be open to the connectedness of
this land.

We will also offer healing programs that come under a ‘Wellbeing Wheel’ with an emphasis on traditional healing of the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional aspects of self. We include healing our family and community, healing country, and healing our connection to great spirit as part of the Aboriginal ‘Wellbeing Wheel’.

Finally, we plan to build and house the Australian Grandmother Drum (GMD) on the sacred land. The GMD is a large replica of the international GMD, made of Australian timber and hide and inlaid with Australian crystals. It will be a healing drum that actively brings together people from all colours, all tribes, into a loving community and will be a focus of the work.

By supporting the Dreaming Centre, you will be supporting a place where people can learn about Aboriginal Australia and immerse themselves in traditional teachings. Your donations and investments will help us bring this vision to life and support the Elders and teachers who bring their knowledge and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. Join us in building a centre where people can heal, learn, and grow together in harmony with the land.

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With Love & Gratitude,

Grandmother Mulara