Interesting – my videos about NO to the Voice are hitting a nerve. The government trojans have taken them down. I have relaunched them on a different platform. Enjoy!

Infowars with Maria Zeee

4 October 2023

Elders say NO to the Voice

Elders from Qld, Far North Qld, SA, NSW, Vic, WA and regional Vic say NO to the Voice.

Lore and Law

11 May 2023

My thoughts on the Voice

Now on Rumble
19 April 2023

Interview with Radio News Australia on 20 May 2023

17 May 2023

Interview in America

Calling in Your Ancestors

Re-released interview from March 2021 on Grandmother Lore.

Interview with Architects of Destiny released 14 February 2022

Interview with Uncle Charlie Ward released 7 January 2022

Global Songlines Project

Another great film by our brother Michael Matucci on Grandma Guidance

Below video : corporate blacks taking from our own tribal people, keeping them in poverty