Grandfathers Circle with Gunapati

Program: June to August, 10 weeks for 2 hours per week

Dates and times to be negotiated with interested participants


We are living in an ever-changing world with the old paradigm of the collective conscious of fear and control dissolving and a a new paradigm of love and community growing in strength.

As we create the new collective conscious, the challenge for the masculine is to find our rightful place to support this new way of living for our families and community.

And in particular, for me, I want to learn to work with the Grandfather energy to provide wholesome guidance, and to be a mentor for the next generations of boys and men coming through. 

Those of us men with a lot, or some, life experience have the opportunity to step up, either now or in the future, into the role of an Elder, a Grandfather, to be a mentor for the younger generations of the boys and men in our families and society,.

To do this we have to choose how we carry the masculine energy, and, how do we use the masculine energy to become an Elder, a Grandfather. 

So, I am calling men to come and sit in circle together to explore what it means to carry the masculine energy in this incarnation and what it means to be an Elder, a Grandfather, so as to set an example to the younger males on how to embrace the masculine energy in a positive way that support our families and the community.

With Love


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About Gunapati

Gunapati and his beloved wife of nearly fifty years, Saraswati, have raised three beautiful daughters and are actively involved with the raising of their grandchildren, especially their two young biological grandsons.

Gunapati has a wealth of life experience from a diverse life having faced many challenges and overcoming them along the way.  

The interest in the role of the masculine in the family started very early in life with his father struggling with Post Traumatic Stress as a result from the Second World War and his Mother dealing with post-natal depression.  The family culture left a void in his life from a very early age through to his adult life, sparking an interest in ‘what does it mean to be a Man’ as this influence had been lacking in his childhood.

Raising his own family challenged his traditional family culture and set him on a path to find a better way to “be a Man”.  To a large extent he was successful, but mistakes made in his relationship with his daughters caused much heartache until after many years, the family reconciled.

From these dark times developed a knowing that the answers lay not through the mind and logic but through the soul and the heart, starting Gunapati on a Spiritual path.

He has studied extensively with Grandmother Mulara and Shanti Mission.  He has undertaken a weeklong Vipassana Meditation, travelled to India to spend a week at Peedam where he was blessed to be invited to an audience with Sri Sakthi Amma as well as receiving many blessings from Sri Shakthi Amma.

He received his spiritual name through his Guru Shakti Durga a few years ago and continues to be involved in Shanti Mission and attends Satsang whenever possible.

Part of Gunapati’s life now is centred on a very strong spiritual belief.  He does daily spiritual practice and tries to surrender to Divine will as much as possible.

He has been part of men’s groups under the Common Ground umbrella for many years and a lot of effort in those groups was exploring how to be a better man.

Now Gunapati feels it is time to put the call out to other men who want to explore what it means to be a man and how to take that masculine energy into Eldership as a Grandfather.

If you feel called to sit with other men in circle and explore this aspect of your life, reach out to Gunapati at for further details.