Proclamation of Sovereignty


On this date, 29th July 2022 CE, we, the Legitimate Sovereigns, being the joint and several Original Tribes of the continent known as Terra Australis do hereby proclaim the following:

Whereas We remain, as we always have been, the true and only Legitimate Sovereigns of this continent known in modern times as Terra Australis, Australia, and by other titles “Australia”

Whereas the Crowns’ UNITED KINGDOM (UK) parliament, its Constitutional Monarch and all others who are not of theOriginal Tribes of Australia, have never taken, held or otherwise possessed an iota of Sovereignty nor dominion over Us, the Legitimate Sovereigns, our lands, and our natural and other resources.

Whereas in 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip (Arthur Phillip), as agent for the Crown and UK parliament, amived at Warrane – referred to by some as “Sydney Cove”, and upon Arthur Phillips’ entering our Sovercien Tribal Terrains, he and those with him did on behalf of the Crown and the UK parliament acquiesce to our lore/law, traditions and customs and were thereby prohibited from exercising any form of ownership, sovereignty and or dominion over this continent and Us, the Legitimate and only Sovereigns and/or over Our natural resources etc, which remain the exclusive property ol the Original Sovereign Tribes.

Whereas subsequent to Arthur Phillip and the First Fleets’ arrival and acquiescence to the Tribal Sovereigns and our Lore/law, traditions and customs, Arthur Phillip and those with him did commit a gross and flagrant fraud by attempting to assert that he had usurped our Sovereignty by the act of putting a rag on a stick into the sands of the beach where he came ashore.

Whereas the Crowns’ agents have, since their arrival in 1788, undertaken a continued systematic program of genocide, ethnocide, ecocide, dispossession, rape, murder, breaches of human rights, subverting Our right to peace, crimes against humanity, the dehumanization through mental physical and spiritual incarcerations, forced experiments, child and human trafficking, torture and cruelty, disconnection from Our ancestors, land, skies and stars, and the marginalization of the Legitimate Sovereigns.

Whereas the Crowns’ UK parliament and its’ agents and agencies have been and are guilty of the continuing theft and misappropriation of vast amounts of Our Sovereign minerals other precious and semi-precious materials, waters, flora and fauna, sacred objects and artifacts.

Whereas the Crowns’ UK parliament, its agents and agencies have been and continue to be guilty of the theft and destruction of multitudes of Our Sacred and significant sites, art, artefacts, and instruments of Our Lore/law.

Whereas until 1973 the Crowns’ representatives operated on this land under the Crowns’ UK coat of arms recognizable from the Unicorn, Lion, Shield, etc.

Whereas in 1973, the Crown withdrew its’ fraudulent claims over Our joint and several Terrains, and left in place a corporate, Interim, transitional administration for the purposes of transitioning administration of the Terrains back to Us, the Legitimate Sovereigns.

Whereas since 1973, and the withdrawal of the Belligerent Occupier, the corporate interim transitional administration has attempted to retain power over us and our Terrains and natural and other wealth by asserting it held a false and fraudulent form of Sovereignty they have called “Parliamentary Sovereignty”

Whereas the corporate interim transitional administration has, since 1973, operated under a coat of arms containing a kangaroo, emu etc. This coat of arms is an unlawful and unauthorised use of our Tribal Lore/Law emblems and totems.

Whereas We are not children, we are of sound mind and are capable of managing our own affairs, as we did do for the tens of millennia prior to the UKs’ belligerent occupation our lands, and, accordingly, we do not need the “protection” of others, particularly not the Crown in any of its’ various forms, capacities and guises nor any other.

Whereas this Proclamation is made with the full authority of the Legitimate Sovereigns, as agreed between us.

Now, therefore, We the returned Legitimate Sovereigns Proclaim to the world Our unalienable rights to self-determination as the autonomous, original, Sovereign Tribal peoples of Our many joint and several Tribal terrains, under Our ancient customary Lores/laws, and those we see fit to introduce and or adopt.

Now therefore, We, the Legitimate Sovereigns, in accord with Our right to do so, extend to all those who choose to support and unite with us under Our Sovereignty and Sovereign right, the protection of Our Sovereignty and Lore/law.

Now, therefore, We, the Returned Sovereigns, instruct all those who are not of the Original Sovereign Tribes of this land, including but not limited to the remnant interim transitional administration to undertake all that is necessary to finalize that transition of administration back to Us, the Legitimate Sovereigns by no later than midnight on 31st December 2022 CE.