First Contact

The grandmothers first came to me in 2002 through a shaman teacher of native american tradition who stayed with me for a month. Wise and provocative, they began their transmission of messages to me personally through the shaman as the program of group activities progressed.

At the time, I was a consultant to government in Canberra, the capital of Australia. I had kept my indigenous bloodline a secret for fear it may harm my work opportunities. Being aboriginal was frowned upon in Australian society. There was a pervading belief that we were a ‘hopeless bunch of drunks’ who couldn’t be relied upon in a work sense. I hid behind the colour of my whiter skin.

The shaman’s visit turned me inside out and my secret was no more. Local Wirradjuri elders came to my home and shared their cultural strength and teachings with a group gathered to learn, heal and honour traditional ways. The elders were a significant influence on me. Uncle Harry became a grandfather to me, the grandfather I never had. He was an initiated man and a leader of his people. Aunty Evelyn was a kind soul who cared for the children of the tribe. She had a wicked laugh! These were people to be proud of and so my journey to reveal the truth of who I am began.

The grandmothers encouraged this revelation. In amongst their messages was a deeper truth: the relationship I was in was not right for me. How true this was yet I wasn’t ready to hear it. And I wasn’t ready to drop everything in my life to follow their direction.

It would be 10 years before I connected with them again.

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