Grandmother Ana Maya

In June 2011, Grandmother Ana Maya came into my consciousness. She is a super large spirit-being who originates from Guatemala and is one of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers who sit on the Grandmothers Council (more about the Council in later blogs). She floated in and said to me “welcome back old friend”.


In the years that had passed, I had suffered great loss – the wrong relationship had taken everything from me and I no longer had anything to show for all my years of hard work and productivity.  However I had an epiphany – that at the end of our life we cannot take anything with us, we cannot take anyone with us, and that the most important thing was our spirit/soul that would transcend and is truly who we are, a spiritual being.

I was introduced to Shanti Mission (‘we do peace’) and sought healing and forgiveness through my beloved spiritual community. It was an excruciating process that transformed my life. I made a deep commitment to be in service to Mother Earth and to align my personality will to my higher divine will. I found inner peace and became a practitioner of Ignite Your Spirit therapy, introduced to the world by her eminence Sri Shakti Durga, an Australian guru and founder of Shanti Mission. In ‘seeing’ my inner work, and recognising I had achieved a higher vibration, she bestowed upon me my spiritual name, “Sri Devi” meaning ‘Divine Goddess’ and ‘Divine Illumination’.

I have much to thank Sri Shakti Durga for and my teacher, mentor and dear friend, Savitur.

Grandmother Ana Maya confessed that the grandmothers had to take everything from me because I was going in the wrong direction. Did I reject them 10 years earlier? They thought so and indeed I had. With my free will, I stubbornly chose to take a course that was not in alignment with my true spirit/soul, valuing instead impulses from the human matrix that material existence was a measure of success and happiness. How wrong I was!

Grandmother Ana Maya has a saying: “Ana Maya here, Ana Maya there, Ana Maya everywhere”….. and told me that, like her, very little crosses my eyes that I do not see. She spoke about the ‘Sri’ of my name, explaining it as a 240 volt of lightening that was my power, the power of life and death, and to ‘watch my mouth’ because of the enormous power of my words.

In a nutshell, Ana Maya advised ‘Sri’ is a laser that cuts through everything and I needed to be grounded. The ‘Sri’ is a particular light of illumination like a bolt into the third eye, a fast turn around of my thoughts into action. It is a strong light to assist work with the next level of evolution.

I had no clue where I was heading but for the first time, I opened my heart and divine guidance to the grandmothers.

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