Sacred Dreamtime Mission

I fully opened to the wisdom of the Grandmothers from December 2012. Being a holographic universe, snippets of information would ‘drop in’ here and there including people I did not know approaching me with messages. It was a weird experience initially. We are so used to living in a linear 3-D world until we “wake up” spiritually to the truth of who we are as multi-dimensional Beings.

Over time I was able to put the stories together which enhanced my understanding of the sacred mission that the grandmothers presented me. They said:

Your dreamtime assignment is to quench the thirst of the green lizard

In my initiation training, Law/Lore Woman Aunty Min Mia told us about a Wirrajuri Dreamtime creation story to do with the green ant. Was the green lizard a similar story but in a different part of Australia?

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little lizard. Everywhere he went people would comment on how beautiful he was. The little lizard would shrug and continue to go about his business in innocence, until one day he saw a reflection of himself in a billabong (water hole).  “I truly am beautiful” he thought (hence vanity was born) so he went about the community now taking anything he wanted. He began to grow and grow as he ate up everything in sight (hence greed was born) until one day the Law Keepers decided they must stop him. “We must catch the green lizard before he eats everything. The land will perish and we will perish if we don’t stop him.” They hatched a plan and caught the green lizard, burying him deep underground. They marked out the area with 13 cornerstones and proclaimed a warning – “Do not dig him up; should he ever be dug up, the land will perish and the people will perish”. For thousands of years this Dreamtime story was passed down through the generations in oral tradition. 

This story is about uranium. Aboriginal people knew where not to dig; the old ones knew that if uranium was dug up there would be trouble. They did not use the word ‘Uranium’, a term taken from the planet Uranus to depict the explosiveness of uranium, but they knew what it was. They knew it would destroy the land and the people who depended on the land for survival; it would destroy the animals and the birds who depended upon the water holes; it would destroy the songlines and the sacredness of all life.

I did not see myself leading anti-uranium mining protests but I had misunderstood. The Grandmothers said I was to lead the people in healing ceremonies, firstly to heal themselves, then to heal the community, and then to heal the land upon which they lived. As ‘Mulara’, the name they gave me to fulfill this sacred mission, I was to oversee this process that ultimately would heal the songlines within people and their connection to the land.

It took me many months to realise the mission was to stop a particular person, ‘the green lizard’ from poisoning the people and ultimately poisoning the land. There was much more involved in this sacred dreamtime mission that was yet to be revealed. It would take me to all levels of the man-made law; be cyber hunted and attacked; bankrupt me;  and ultimately strengthen the true Elders (not the pretend ones) to unite a waring community. screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-2-35-45-am


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  1. Thank you Sri Devi
    Your stoey has touched my heart once again.
    I am honoured to have met you.
    I look forward to “remembering” again when next we meet and you tell more stories.
    I am one with you

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