Connect with Mother Earth

She is calling you

Mother Earth is calling you

Have you heard the messages on the wind

The bird song

The whale song

Listen carefully

Pay attention

To the sign posts along the way

A falling leaf, a rainbow, the thud of animal feet

A feather on the trail, a rock glistening in the creek

Tall timbers of multi coloured bark, whispering to you

Showing you the beauty of creation, replete

Insects crawling, beneath your feet

In tune with the heartbeat of Mother Earth

You are being called

Open your heart

To connect

To return home

To the Earth Mother

The Mother of them all

It is whispered on the wind, of the coming of a New Dreaming and a New Law. A return to the sacredness of Mother Earth as our teacher, our guide, our friend. What is this New Dreaming? What is this New Law?

It involves a return of the old ways taught by the old people for thousands of years, traditional knowledge of spiritual law and cultural lore, that kept everything in balance. We knew who we were and lived with knowing our responsibility to keep everything alive. We were the land and the land was us. Everything is written in the land and is replicated in the stars, gateway to our spiritual world. We understood and respected this law and celebrated our connection with all living things through songs, dances, paintings and stories. We knew the importance to keep the law, not to breach it.

But things changed. There was murder, genocide, babies stolen from the arms of their mothers, so much tragedy forced upon our indigenous people. The next generations became disconnected from the land, their source of who they are. Our sacred sites and teaching places were mined and the other spirit called alcohol came in and took the place of our natural spiritual essence. It has hurt our people deeply. Culture was traded for money and soon we feuded with each other. Communities became divided and the practice of our laws were stopped. But not by the old people. They remember ….. and the few still remaining are urging for the New Law, new way, to bring our culture back. It begins with each person taking responsibility, for themselves, for their impact upon others, to re-ignite their connection with the earth.

And so, I heard it on the wind

The Grandmothers were calling me

“Teach”, they said, “our law/lore, our Dreaming”

Before it is too late

Mother Earth will be fine

It is humanity that needs our knowledge

They must follow the New Law/Lore and create a New Dreaming

Returning to connect

To the Mother of them all

Printed in “Holistic Bliss” Magazine, July 2018 – written by Aunty Mulara

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